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Color Chase Premier Interior Dash kit - 18 Piece

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Elevate the atmosphere within your vehicle with our Advanced Premier Color Chase Interior Dash Trim Kit! Designed for the aficionado who seeks the next level of customization, this kit not only includes an enhanced number of components but also employs superior technology for an upgraded, seamless lighting experience.

LED Type

Color Chase: Unleash the limitless potential of colors in your vehicle. Watch as the dynamic color-chasing feature sets a mesmerizing mood, creating a vibrant, moving spectacle within your vehicle.


Bluetooth with Main and Satellite Controllers: Our upgraded kit introduces a main controller coupled with four satellite controllers. Each only needs a 12V power and ground connection, and they wirelessly link to the main controller, significantly reducing the necessity for extensive wiring. Use the integrated app to orchestrate a captivating light show right from your smartphone!

Ultra-Thin Components

Our comprehensive kit includes ultra-thin, 2mm strips that slide effortlessly into your dash and door cards, ensuring a smooth, unobtrusive fit:

- 1 x 43 inch (110cm) strip for the large part of your dash
- 1 x 8 inch (20cm) strip for the small part of your dash
- 4 x 29.5 inch (75cm) strips for your door panels
- 4 x footwell pods
- 4 x door handle pods
- 4 x pocket cover pods

Power Options

Keeping in line with our commitment to versatility, we include both a 12V power cord and splitters and power cables to ensure you have everything necessary for set up.

Remote On/Off Functionality

We’ve integrated a remotely located on/off switch for your convenience, enabling easy control at the push of a button.


As an authority in LED customization, Flashtech ensures an unmatched experience. Our extensive network of authorized dealers across America are equipped to professionally set up and install your Color Chase interior dash kit.

Premier Kit Includes:

- 1 x 43 inch Flex Strip for the large part of your dash
- 1 x 8 inch Flex Strip for the small part of your dash
- 4 x 29.5 inch Flex Strips for your door panels
- 4 x Footwell Pods
- 4 x Door Handle Pods
- 4 x Pocket Cover Pods
- 1 x Main Controller
- 4 x Satellite Controllers
- 1 x On/Off Switch
- Splitters and power cables

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