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Shockwave White and Amber Switchback anti Hyperflash Bulbs - 3157

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Shockwave 3157 Switchback Bulbs: White & Amber, Enhanced with Anti Hyperflash Technology

Elevate your vehicle's lighting with the advanced Shockwave 3157 Switchback Bulbs from Flashtech. These high-performance bulbs stand out with their innovative design and exceptional functionality. Utilizing the latest in lighting technology, these bulbs offer an unparalleled level of brightness and clarity.

Key Features:

  • Advanced Lighting Technology: Each bulb is packed with superior LEDs, providing more intense and vivid lighting compared to standard bulbs. This ensures not just enhanced visibility but also adds a stylish, modern look to your vehicle.
  • Dual-Color Functionality: These switchback bulbs offer a seamless transition between crisp white and vibrant amber light, perfect for both parking lights and turn signals. This dual-color feature adds a dynamic, eye-catching effect to your vehicle.
  • Anti Hyperflash Capability: Unlike conventional LED bulbs, the Shockwave 3157 comes with built-in anti hyperflash technology. This means no more rapid flashing or error messages, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free operation.
  • Energy Efficient: Despite their powerful output, these bulbs consume a fraction of the power of traditional factory bulbs, making them an energy-efficient choice.
  • Wide Compatibility: Designed to replace any standard 3157 bulb, these are compatible with a wide range car models.
  • 360-Degree Light Output: The bulbs are engineered for a 360-degree light coverage, providing consistent and uniform illumination.

Package Contents:

  • One pair (2 pieces) of Shockwave White and Amber Switchback 3157 LED Bulbs
  • Retail packaging designed for protection and presentation.

Upgrade to Shockwave 3157 Switchback Bulbs for a blend of high-end performance, striking aesthetics, and unmatched efficiency. Whether for safety or style, these bulbs redefine your driving experience.

More Information
ColorWhite / Amber
Bulb LocationExterior
Series NameSMD
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