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White SMD LED Waterproof Underbody Kit: 48" Length

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Flashtech's Waterproof LED Under Body Lighting system creates a cloud of illumination underneath any vehicle! Catapult your car or truck into a new style stratosphere with the simple addition of Flashtech's Illuminated LED Under Body Kit.

Made in a multiple sizes, Flashtech W15 Underbody kits come with rugged 48" waterproof led strips to mount on each side of your vehicle. Each kit includes 4 - 48 inch White waterproof led strips, 18 feet of plug-and-play wiring and all necessary pieces to install directly to the underbody of your vehicle. Every Flashtech Waterproof LED Under Body Lighting system is available in White, RGB and RGB Color Chase options

Package Includes:
◦ 4 – 48" LED Waterproof White Under Body Strips with 18 feet of wire and connector.
◦ 1 – 4 to 1 connector
◦ 1 – Package of Mounting Hardware
◦ 1 – RF wireless remote with key fob remote
◦ 1 – Installation and wiring manual
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