How to Install a Flashtech HID Conversion Kit

Remove the existing halogen bulbs from the vehicle (refer to your vehicle's owner's manual for instructions). Some vehicles require more work than others due to their unique bulb housings and may necessitate the headlight housing and bumper to be removed entirely during installation.


Install and secure the HID Xenon Bulbs in their place. The bulb should sit where the original bulb was located and the bulb connector should be connected to the bulb. The relay should be connected to the original bulb plug. Seal the headlight housing with the dust cap. 


Mount the ballasts unto a solid and well-ventilated location under the hood near the headlight reflector. Allow the necessary distance for the base connector to reach the bulb. Mount the ballast away from moving components such as the A/C and power steering pump.


Connect all the plugs from the ballast to the bulb as shown in the video. Ensure that you get the polarity correct. HID lights do not work with reversed polarity. Make sure that the plugs are securely placed and firmly intact. If you have a bi-xenon kit, connect the ballasts to the relay harness.


If you have a Bi-Xenon kit, connect the grounds to the car body and the power wire to the positive terminal of the battery. Connect the relay plug to the vehicle's factory headlight socket. You will only use one side of the factory socket. The other side should be left empty. It is easier to use the plug on the side closer to the battery.


Tie all cables in place. You can use zip ties to secure the wiring harness. Make sure no moving or heat- producing object is within close distance to them. Confirm that all components are fastened properly before operation.


Test your lights to make sure they are working properly. Keep them on for 10 minutes. This is just a simple burn-in procedure.