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50W 8 ohm anti Flicker Resistors - Pair

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Flashtech 50W 8ohm LED Load Resistors are used to fix hyperflash and flickering problems associated with LED Turn Signals, LED License Plate Lights and fix issues associated with HID conversion kits on some vehicles.

Flashtech resistors will fix common LED lighting issues such as hyper flashing, no flashing or bulb out lights related to turn signals or license plate lights. These load resistors can also be used to fix similar problems, such as flickering bulbs and bulb out lights for most HID lighting. One Load Resistor is required for each bulb in most turn signal and HID lighting applications.

Flashtech Load Resistors get hot!  Make sure all load resistors are mounted to a metal surface away from any plastic components.

● 2 - 8 Ohm, 50W LED Load Resistors
● 4 - wiring connectors

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