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Color Chase Interior Dash kit

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Unleash the captivating potential of dynamic lighting with Flashtech’s Color Chase Interior Dash Trim Kits! Designed to redefine the atmosphere within your vehicle, our kits effortlessly combine technology, style, and control.

LED Type

Color Chase: Immerse yourself in an ever-changing spectacle of color within your vehicle. Our Color Chase LED lights create a vibrant, dynamic environment that is sure to impress.


Bluetooth Enabled: Our kits are engineered for complete control. With a Bluetooth-enabled controller, orchestrate an impressive light show from your smartphone, no matter where you are in your vehicle.


Our kits come with a variety of components to ensure coverage across your vehicle's interior. From ultra-thin, easily-slidable LED strips for your dash and door cards to footwell pods, door handle pods, and more, we provide what you need for a personalized setup.

Power Options

We understand the diversity of power requirements and therefore include various power options, accommodating your setup needs with ease and convenience.


Flashtech ensures that our kits are designed for an achievable installation process. While some kits may require a moderate level of skill, including the removal of panels and running power to controllers, we've optimized our designs to minimize the need for cutting panels or complicated setups.


Trust in Flashtech’s commitment to delivering an unmatched experience. As a leading authority in LED customization, we provide access to an extensive network of authorized dealers across America, ready to professionally install your Color Chase interior dash kits.


Flashtech’s Color Chase Interior Dash Trim Kits cater to both the everyday driver seeking a touch of vibrancy and the car enthusiast who aims to transform their vehicle into a visually stunning experience. Choose the kit that best aligns with your customization vision and prepare to be enthralled by the spectacle of color.

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