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Dodge Charger 2015 -2022 ColorChase LED Grille Kit

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Brighten your drab factory grille or show off the facets of an aftermarket grille with Flashtech Colorchase Led Grille Light kit. Flashtech's Colorchase lighting system smashes the boundaries of lighting control with industry leading features such as the ability to select static colors and preset moving patterns! The dazzling effect from these LED strips will make your ride the talk of the town!


Comes with one 12" hood vent strip and two 24" grille strips
Light strips are flexible and waterproof
Custom color wheel with unlimited static combinations.
200 preset patterns to change your lights into an incredible moving light show.
Adjust speed and brightness instantly with easy to use slider controls.
True white setting enables both warm and cool white options.
Complete control from your iPhone or Android smartphone.

The grille is literally the "face" of your car or truck, the first thing people notice when you're coming down the road. Show it off in a way that's totally unexpected with Flashtech Colorchase LED lights. They'll improve the appearance of a factory grille so everyone sees it literally "in a different light". They can also be the finishing touch for an aftermarket replacement grille.

LED lights are the most advanced form of lighting. They're compact and durable, and with an average lifespan of 50,000-75,000 hours, you might as well say they'll last forever. They're much more energy efficient, using 90% less power than incandescent bulbs. And unlike conventional bulbs, they produce no heat during operation, so there's no need to worry about where you install them. Plus, the light they produce is much brighter and cleaner, much more attractive than incandescent light.

Flashtech Fusion LED Grille Kit comes with one or two 24" LED light strips. The one-strip kit should be ample for the smaller grilles found on most cars, while the 2-strip kit is for the larger grilles found on trucks and SUVs. The LED light strips are flexible and completely waterproof. The kit includes everything required for installation, including detailed instructions.

Package Includes:
1 - 12" Colorchase hood vent strip
2 - 24" Colorchase grille strips
Optional Colorchase Bluetooth controller
Optional 4 to 1 splitter to add on to an existing Colorchase lighting system

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