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01. How do I became a Wholesale Flashtech dealer?

Thank you for contacting us in regards to becoming a Flashtech Dealer! There are two steps that need to be completed before your dealer account can be created. 

1. Create an account at Flashtech website. You will see a red "create an account" link at the top right hand corner of the homepage. 

2. You will need to complete the form below or attach a completed dealer application (attached below) to the New Wholesale Accounts form. (Select Wholesale Accounts > New Wholesale Accounts)

Please fill this form out on the computer or print it and fill it out by hand. Once that is completed, you can either submit it through the New Wholesale Accounts form (Select Wholesale Accounts > New Wholesale Accounts), or by fax at (504) 383-9795.

Once this has been completed, we will be able to verify your information, and set up your dealer account. 

More information on becoming a Flashtech wholesale dealer.

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