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04. How to file a warranty claim

In order to better assist warranty returns, Flashtech has implemented a warranty return procedure specifically designed for all of our wholesale clients.  

         Wholesale Warranty Return Procedure 

  • All warranty returns are processed through our ticket system found here Ticket system.  Once there please select "Wholesale Warranty & Returns" and press next.
  • This wholesale warranty ticket will provide as notification to Flashtech of goods being returned.  Please fill out the entire form and include a list of the return contents in the body of the message. 
  • Once this ticket has been submitted, an auto-generated packing slip will appear which will need to be printed out and included in the box of returned goods.  Your ticket number located on this packing slip will serve as your reference number for this warranty claim.  A sample packing slip can be found here.
  • Once a warranty is received by Flashtech, the contents will be checked for accuracy and tested by one of our trained technicians.  Status of this shipment will be updated through our ticket system and you will be notified of the outcome.
  • Replacement goods that are sent, will use our normal ordering system.  All return order updates can be monitored directly through your online account at by accessing your order history.  Order status as well as tracking information will be auto generated when your return order is sent back.
All updates for wholesale warranty parts will be handled directly through the initial ticket that was created.  Please keep all correspondence for all warranty claims to the ticket that was created for that particular claim!


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