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05. Voiding the warranty

Flashtech manufacturer warranty covers each product, during the specified warranty period, from failure under normal operating use.  No warranty is expressed or implied if the product incurs damage due to improper installation techniques, abuse of the product, failure to follow all Flashtech installation instructions or any damage that may occur usage outside of the original manufacturer intent of the product.  Any such action will immediatly void the warranty.

As with any product that deals with electronics, Flashtech recommends that parts are installed by a trained professional. Trained professionals are defined as any certified ASE mechanic or trained automotive Technician certified in car stereo or alarm installation. Flashtech will not be responsible for any damage to a customer's vehicle from improper installation. Any damage done to said vehicle is the responsibility of the technician or persoon who installs the product and he/she should be notified of this by the customer before installation takes place.

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