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Flashtech LED Test Box

Flashtech LED Test Box - FTLED-TSTBX

Flashtech takes great pride in developing creative and innovative solutions to assist in the promotion, testing, training and selling of our products.  After listening to months of feedback, our technical and design teams have collaborated to produce a, sleek and compact, single device that can be used to address each of these areas.
The Flashtech LED Test Box, is a self-contained and portable unit that features the most common bulb sockets used in today's market.  Operation can begin in a few seconds and provides the ability to use the same vehicle sockets to test Headlight, Fog light, Interior and Exterior LED bulbs.  Each labeled socket features an individual switch and functions exactly as if installed in a vehicle.  The metal outer case includes a built-in power supply and detachable power cord which plugs directly into any 110-volt wall socket.  This removes the guess work while providing a consistent and easy to use solution during operation.
With such a versatile device the Flashtech LED Test box is an ideal solution for Distributors, Sales Reps, Dealers and Installers
Distributors:  Designed to be used as a portable testing station for troubleshooting and testing returned products.  When used in conjunction with the Flashtech Product Handbook,  even the most inexperienced product testers can  feel confident in correctly testing all Flashtech components before determining if a product is faulty or eligible for warranty.
Sales Reps:  Designed to be used as a portable product testing station for showcasing and demonstrating products.  One of the most common complaints heard by 12-volt sales reps is the need for an easy and compact way to demonstrate products to new potential dealers.  This solution also provides multiple universal adapters that can be used in demonstrating any Flashtech 12 VOLT LED products.
Dealers: Designed to be used as a multi-purpose device with emphasis on troubleshooting and product display.  By ensuring the unit was small enough to remain portable but durable enough to be used in a high traffic testing environment was a necessary requirement in making sure a product was developed that could be used as a point of sale piece in the showroom but also a testing and troubleshooting piece in the shop.
Installers: Designed to be durable enough to be used as a standalone testing facility for constant technical use.  With the fast pace nature of most install bays and technical departments the day in and day out use of testing equipment is often put through extreme conditions.  A key element during the design phase was to create a device with the ability to be closed and secured easily to ensure protection while it was not being used, but also ready to be used at a moments notice without major assembly or installing components.