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Ford Mustang External Waterproof Switchback Fog Light Halo installation Guide

NAME: Ford Mustang Waterproof External Switchback LED Halo Fog Light Kit
MODEL: Ford Mustang 2015-2017
CONTENT: Step by step guide on how to add halos to the outside of your fog lights



Make sure to read the entire instruction guide before trying to install your halos.  Trying to hook up an LED ring without hooking it up to the supplied driver will RUIN the ring and void the warranty.  Only hook up as directed!  Any installation instructions can be seen on this install guide as well as via phone call at 1800-442-9096

Install guide summary:

In order to help assist you in your halos installation we have compiled a step by step guide on how to install halos to the outside of your existing fog lights.  This guide is using a Ford Mustang as our example in order to create an easier installation process.  Please make sure to look at the rings you have been sent, as this particular kit is designed and fitted for your specific Fog lights

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