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How do I access my new account?

Account Instructions

  • We have created an account for you already using the email you sent us for the newsletter.
  • You have been emailed a randomly generated password for your account from our system.
    • Follow the link at the bottom of the email to our information center OR Login through the box on the left hand side with the password from the email.
    • Please change your temporary password after logging in.
    • If you did not receive this email check your spam folder. The subject of the email is “New password for Flashtech helpdesk” and has been sent by

  • Once you have changed your password please update your information for us

  • Click “My Profile” on theleft hand side. Please fill out:
    • Full Name
    • Organization
    • Title/Position
    • Phone Number
  • A profile pictures is optional
  • Fill out the mailing address
    • This is where spiff checks will be mailed, promotional items, product brochures, and flyers 
  • Be sure to press UPDATE to save your info

  • Click “My Organization” on theleft hand side and fill out the address for which location you work for
    • Please fill out:
      • Address
      • City
      • State
      • Zip/Postal Code
      • Phone
    • Be sure to press UPDATE to save your info