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How do I order promotional material? - Direct to distributor location

Flashtech literature can be ordered and delivered to any specific Dow location. To achieve this, Flashtech literature can be added at the same time to any new purchase order that is sent to Flashtech. Currently, promotional material can be ordered in 25 unit packages. When placing an order please have a quantity of 1 reflect 25 individual units. Ex: If you would like to order 100 product brochures, your order quantity would need to be 4 in order to reflect the entire amount.

  1. Using the part numbers from the list below add which promo material including quantity to the PO of the specific location where literature needs to go. 
  2. All literature added to a purchase order will not be charged any additional shipping.
  3. Click on the links below to be redirected to the Flashtech website to see examples of each type of literature.