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Polaris Slingshot Colorchase Eyebrow

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Polaris Slingshot Colorchase Eyebrow
Polaris Slingshot Colorchase Eyebrow

In stock



    Flashtech's Polaris slingshot Colorchase Eyebrow kit easy attaches to the front of your Slingshot to give a unique look. Grab 100% of the attention at bike night with these multi-functioning eyebrows. Hold everyone's attention while your Slingshot changes to over 200 different patterns or choose any static color with the supplied color wheel.

    Product Features:

    ● Black background for a clean look

    ● Cut lines allow strips to be cut and wired for individual use

    ● 3M foam tape provides an unmatchable hold

    ● IP65 waterproof coating allows for all weather protection

    ● 5050 LED's in 5V ColorChase


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