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P5 LED Headlight and Headlight Bulbs

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The P5 line of replacement LED Projector Headlight Bulbs feature an unsurpassed level of brightness and quality. This bulb utilizes Fusion CSP technology which enables each bulb to produce 5000 lumens of vibrant light with sharp hues while still consuming less power than factory bulbs. P5 bulbs dramatically increase Projector headlight light output for your car or truck with a simple plug and play design!

These LED bulbs will work in headlights or fog lights.

6000K Color Temperature
5000 Lumens of light output per bulb
LED Driver built into the plug of the bulb
Shockproof, Dust-proof and Waterproof
Turbo fan ensures fast heat dissipation

Package Contents::
2 P5 Projector LED Headlight Bulbs in retail packaging

Note: This LED bulb is designed for headlight illumination purposes. These bulbs can be used for fog light or headlight replacements. Canbus adapters are available, to prevent flickering, for specific applications.

More Information
Color6000K White
Series NameP5 LED

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